What is PureNRGFX?

You all know the stories about companies like Mona Vie, Xango, Zrii and most recently Visalus. You have listened to them tell how each one broke records to get to a billion, how they were the fastest growing of all time. And we all know they have real products and are not simply a money game. Now there is Pure-NRG Fx

The network marketing industry is not ready for what is about to take place. For the first time ever a major globally recognized brand has teamed up with a network marketing company on a global scale through 3 major industry sales channels. PLAYBOY Energy Drink and Pure NRG Fx have partnered up to deliver a great product with a globally recognized brand direct to consumers through network marketing, DRTV commercials (infomercials) and Mass Appeal Marketing.

Pure NRG Fx is poised to launch into this great industry and shatter all records that exist today for growth. Imagine being able to sell to friends, neighbors, at trade shows, gas stations, bars, restaurants; this is a true business to business model with a product that is hot and globally recognized. No more “let me think about it” or “what is it you are selling”.

This is your opportunity to be part of what may well be one of the fastest growing launches of all time simply by locking in your free spot now. Simply select your initial pre-order which will be billed on launch date then get ready for one of the most wild, exciting and extravagant launches of all times when the doors open (tentative initial launch date of May 14th). Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

The industry is ready for a company with a real look, a real brand, a real global opportunity and above all, a REAL PRODUCT



Pure-NRG fx lauch Expected to Break Records

There has never been so much hype about a yet-to-be launched product in recent times as there is now with the Playboy Energy drink. Networking sites and blogs have gone wild in anticipation of the launch of the Energy drink. The excitement is understandable considering that a global brand has partnered with a network marketing company to push the product on a global scale. The partnership between Pure-NRG fx and Playboy is all set to deliver an amazing product with a globally recognized brand name. The product will be distributed directly to customers through MLM networking supported by DRTV commercials and the use of mass appeal marketing. It is one of the first companies to use 3 major marketing channels. Market analysts expect to see a record-breaking launch with one of the fastest growth rates of any new product.

The confidence of the analysts and the marketing team of the brand is based on the fact that the new playboy energy drink is a fantastic product with mass appeal. It is expected to surpass the legendary success of companies such as Mona Vie, Xango, Zrii and the recent success of Visalus that set the fastest known growth rates. The product may be sold in restaurants, gas stations, bars and all other types of entertainment places. It is a truly attractive business to business model product with hot prospects for anyone interested in making money.


Business Opportunity

Interested distributors are requested to ”lock in” their places by filling and submitting an online form on the Pure NRG fx website ahead of the much anticipated launch expected around May 14th. The registration packs will be as follows;


1.Pure NRG fx Starter pack at $99 ($50 fast start) that includes

-A 24 can case of Playboy energy drink

-A monthly $59 autoship registration for the starter pack

-An NRG business replication website including back office support

-A 1 year online customer and distributor support


2. Pure-NRG fx SUPER Starter at $159 ($90 Fast Start)

- 2 X 24 can cases of Playboy energy drink

-A monthly $99 autoship registration for the starter pack

- 3 month pre-qualification at the Regional Rank in the Matrix

-An NRG fx business replication website with back office support

-A 1 year online customer and distributor support


3. Pure-NRG fx Platinum Club Membership (CAP) $1,500 ($500 Fast Start)

- 10 X 24 can cases of Playboy energy drink

-A monthly $99 autoship registration for the starter pack

-Receive and work with customers acquired from all corporate marketing initiatives

- 6 month pre-qualification at the National Rank in the Matrix

-Receipt of a weekly 5% payout from the global bonus pool. This cash is divided equally among all Platinum members. However members must renew annually by purchasing products worth 1,500 and maintain the monthly $99 reoccurring order with at least 2 personally introduced affiliates. If a member is not able to maintain the condition they do not qualify for the weekly bonus payout. This exclusive club only takes members twice a year.


The PureNRGfx marketing plan comes with a car incentive for members who perform very well. A member who enrolls 12 active personal affiliates and manages to build a business of 2,500 active affiliates for 3 months automatically gets a car. The new playboy energy drink has very good prospects for good network marketers.


Pure-NRG fx Reviews

Being a product on a launch plan there are very few reviews on the product. Most of the reviews focus on the strengths of the product. However some sites have talked about their expectations.


-The internet marketing blog in its review goes out of its way to explain why the new PureNRGfx marketing plan is not a scam. It further explains that the brand appears to be doing the right things. It goes ahead and cautions people that to make it in multilevel marketing, a person has to be persistent to reach the earnings of the members ahead in the plan. It says many new recruits generally have a hard time breaking in to the business.


- The Empower network says they are sure the Pure-NRG fx energy drink will be a success and tells people it is their choice to make the decision to join.


-A review on the Behindmlm.com site says that it appears the Pure-NRG fx plan has put a lot of emphasis on recruiting affiliates as opposed to selling of the actual product. It says the plan seems to compensate members more if they recruit more affiliates. The plan also sets a maximum cap of $15 per order on retail sales regardless of the amount of product ordered. They nevertheless say that the company has a good tangible product backed by a known brand name.


The interest and the expectation on all matters about PureNRGFX predict that come the official launch, the Playboy Energy drink will make waves like no other product has done in recent memory.

PureNRGFx is setting the stage to enter the almost 40 Billion dollar global energy drink arena in a big way. PLAYBOY Energy Drink and Pure NRG Fx have joined forces to deliver a great product with a globally recognized brand direct to consumer through a solid home based business network marketing initiative.

The PLAYBOY Energy Drink is a smooth tasting refreshing mix of ingredients that will surely enhance the taste buds and stimulate both mind and body with key ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed, Taurine, Guarana extract and Panax Ginseng extract; just to name a few. The key ingredients in the PLAYBOY Energy Drink have been the focus of numerous scientific studies and certain ones have been proven to enhance concentration. It has also been scientifically substantiated that the B-Complex vitamins contained in the PLAYBOY Energy Drink, contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. The formulation and packaging are second to none and will definitely provide the PureNRGFx affiliates an edge over any other energy drink on the market. So; whether you are just lounging around the pool or on the beach; or you are hosting a major party at a nightclub; or running a marathon or performing an extreme sport; PLAYBOY Energy Drink has the taste, appearance, image, brand and versatility to boost energy, support your lifestyle and make you feel like the life of the party.

The energy drink market is a 37 Billion dollar global industry with the United States being the largest single market consisting of 36% industry share. There were over 4.8 billion liters of energy drink liquid consumed in 2011 and that is projected to climb to 6.5 billion by 2016. Relatively small energy drink companies range in sales from 140million to 300 million in annual sales; with the industry leaders selling 2.5 + billion in annual sales.

PureNRGFx is ready to go head to head against the bestselling drinks on the market today and will use the power of the PLAYBOY Energy Drink brand to market through the sporting world, through celebrities, and most of all through the organically growing sales force that is rapidly embracing such an amazing GREAT TASTING product!